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Elvira Bonafacio

2018-10-09 15:24 — Belfast, Ireland

Where is Ireland located?
It’s not only the Irish people that are not aware of Curaçao, but Ireland is also not a popular destination in Curaçao. In school, we were taught that Ireland is an island in Europe and part of the United Kingdom. But do we really know more than that? Let’s find out.
When talking about Ireland, there are not many Curaçao natives that can say something about Ireland. But whenever a relative or friend is going to Ireland, the curiosity for information is immediately triggered….and that is the moment when they realize that they too know little about Ireland. Now that I know more, let’s try answering the above questions again.

Where is Ireland located?

Ireland is an island in the North-eastern part of Europe and is located at the west side of England and south of Scotland. Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland, which is part of the European Union, and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom together with England, Scotland, and Wales. Thinking back, I do not recall specifying which part of Ireland I will be visiting, so now people think I am in the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland), where the capital is Dublin. However, I am in Northern Ireland, where the capital is Belfast. Note: the answers to the remaining questions will be related to Northern Ireland, which has a land area of approximately 14.140 square km.

How many people live in Ireland?

Northern Ireland has approximately 1.8 million inhabitants. Compared to other countries, Ireland also has immigrants from different parts of the world. Irish people, as well as the majority of the people living in Europe, are Caucasian (light skinned). It is remarkable that the majority of people with naturally ginger hair (man and woman) can be found in Ireland. However, not all people living in Ireland have blue or green eyes with red hair, there are also black haired people (minority) and the ones with darker eye color, which is the dominating group.
Which language do they speak in Ireland?
The official language in Northern Ireland is English. Besides English, people also speak Irish (Gaelic) and Ulster Scots, which are two minority languages also spoken in Ireland. These languages and their culture are supported and promoted by the European Union (Does Other Words sound familiar?)

Northern Ireland offers different products, among which their own beer (Guinness) and whiskey (Bushmills), which is used to make the Irish coffee, also known in Curaçao. But this is not the only products Northern Ireland has to offer, there are many more.
Are you ready to go to a Pub and have some Irish drinks or do you simply like to sip some tea, while we get to know each other better?