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Bart Kingma

Bart Kingma (Wommels, 1970) trained as writing journalist at the school for journalism in Zwolle. He began his career as a newspaper journalist for Boom publishers in Meppel, writing for several magazines in the Dutch provinces Drenthe, Overijssel, Flevoland and Gelderland. Over time, he made the move to the journalism for television. From there he gradually shifted his focus from journalism to directing and writing scripts. At first for commercial parties, since the year 2000 as a program maker for the school television part of Omrop Fryslân Television (Broadcasting Friesland).

For the broadcaster, he made educational programs for children from 4 until 18 years, such as It Lân fan Efke (The Land of Efke) for preschoolers, Studio F and Tsjek for children of primary schools, the history series 11&30, and he worked as scriptwriter and sometimes directed drama series for the secondary school, such as I.K., De Utflecht and De Koers. He also made several documentaries for FryslânDok and he directed television series as Muse and Tafel18.

In 2008, he took the initiative to write most translations for De Partizanen, a Frisian tribute to Leonard Cohen, performed by several musicians. This CD / DVD was followed by a musical theater Prachtige Ferliezers (Beautiful losers) in 2009, which Bart wrote.

In 2010 he published his first novel Griene Simmer (Green Summer) (publisher Elikser), about a man who gets mixed up in feelings of guilt about what he left to do on crucial moments in his life.

In 2013, he wrote and directed the musical theater Swart Langstme (Black Desire), which tells the true story of the murder by the French singer Bertrand Cantat on the actress Mary Trintignant. The performance was conducted by Mariusz & de Muzikanten.

In 2015, he published the book De deikoersen fan Remco (The daily courses of Remco), in a story that runs parallel to the drama series De Koers (The Course). In the same year he directed the show Op alle Fronten (On all fronts) of Inez Timmer, which tells the story of Lale Andersen, the singer of the famous warhit 'Lili Marleen'.

Next to that, Bart regularly writes columns for cultural newsmagazine De Moanne (The Month) and for the radio program Bureau De Vries he writes and manages his satirical website De Bûten Post (The outpost). For many year he organized a festival on storytelling: the MidSimmerJûn Festival in the village Rie. He also occasionally writes lyrics for bands and artists as Vangrail, Gurbe Douwstra en Gerbrich van Dekken.