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Karen Bies

Writer and reporter Karen Bies was chosen by the jury of Other Words Friesland for a residence in Ireland. Of the ten plans submitted the jury found that Karen’s was the strongest. The committee is of the opinion that Karen, with her choice of a topical subject, a multimedia form and an important target group, fits very well with the aims of the Other Words project.

Karen calls her ambitious plan Ids’sSummer. She wants to write a Frisian story for young people (15 to 20 years) in Ireland, but in the end she wants to produce a novel and film scenario for a music film. She works together with a real band, the Frisian band WIEBE. She deliberately chooses this target audience because she thinks that there are too few Frisian language books, series and films for young people. 

Karen Bies (1968) is culture editor, reporter and presenter at Omrop Fryslân. She reports for radio and TV. Since 2013 she has been presenting the Grut Frysk Diktee on Frisian television. Karen is a member of the editorial board of the Moanne cultural magazine and writes interviews, columns and stories. Karen will be staying for 8 weeks in the Irish town of Belmullet this summer. She will regularly publish about her experiences via a blog on the website of Oare Wurden.

No less than ten candidates had submitted a plan for this stay in Ireland: five men and five women. This is a record in the more than two years of this project. There were proposals for poetry, graphic novel, drama and travel stories. The evaluation committee consisted of Marijke de Boer, Bart Kingma and Tryntsje van der Steege.

The previous Frisian writers that participated in the Other Words project were André Looijenga in the city of Bitola (Macedonia), Bart Kingma and Gerard de Jong in San Sebastián (Basque Country) and Hein Jaap Hilarides in Maribor (Slovenia).

Other Words / Oare Wurden is being carried out by Tresoar and commissioned by the province of Fryslân.The project is part of the ECC-program Lân fan Taal, which aims to position Friesland as a knowledge center for multilingualism.