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Elvira Bonafacio

'In 2016, after obtaining my master's degree in Papiamentu and teaching for eight years, I decided to take a three-year sabbatical, for which I set several goals. One of them was to upgrade my creative artistic abilities and develop my passion for writing. This goal was partly accomplished when I started teaching creative writing at the University of Curaçao to students who wanted to become second degree Papiamentu teachers. In that same year, I joined the committee of Arte di Palabra Kòrsou, an organisation that, for 19 consecutive years, has organised different literature competitions for secondary school students. The aim of those competitions is to promote literature and culture.

The feeling of gratitude for all the experience gained in this short period of time was inspirational and gave me the courage to write and publish my first short story in June 2017, in the form of a booklet that was distributed amongst colleagues, family, friends and acquaintances.

I could never have imagined that these accomplishments were preparing me for Other Words, my next challenge. After reading the content of the fifth Beste hitzak open call, the first thought that came to my mind was that this was THE opportunity to share my language and culture with other countries while developing my ability to become a better writer.'

This is Elvira Bonafacio's description of the road to her upcoming stay in Ireland as a resident Other Words writer.