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Ainara Maia Urroz

"Although I am a philologist by trade, writing is my real passion … I write all the time! I like describing my feelings through poetry, as in a soft tune. Whenever I get hurt, I feel the need to let it all out … in any language, but mainly in Basque … I want to be a writer … but I am a poet! 

I like flying in my dreams, expressing my feelings through poetry and getting lost in thought to reach faraway worlds … And there's no better way to travel than diving into a book. 

In my professional career, I have taught Basque language and literature at the University of Masarykova, Brno (Czech Republic), dealt with technical Basque in the region of Malerreka (Navarra), taught Basque to adults, and worked as a translator in several companies. 

I got a degree in Basque Philology in 2002, and a Masters Degree in Language, Information and Communication in 2004; both at the University of the Basque Country. I completed a Postgraduate Writing Course at UNED (Open University) Bergara in 2006–2008. 

I have taken part in the 2001–2018 editions of Hatsaren poesia (The Poetry in Breathing) collection, and have recently been appointed to coordinate and publish this yearly publication. 

In 2003, I translated Santiago Gamboa's crime novel Perder es cuestión de método (Losing is a Matter of Method). 

I have published a number of magazine and newspaper articles, often on the issue of poetry (e.g. Inoiz idatzi eta igorri ez den eskutitz bat izan al daiteke? –Can a letter that was never written or sent be a letter?–). 

I have entered various literature competitions. In 2006 and 2007, I got the second and third prizes at the Bizenta Mogel competition in Azkoitia for the following short stories: Eta lapurrari ilargia leihoan ahantzi zitzaion (And the thief forgot the moon at the window)and Eskutiz baten bidaia (A letter's journey)."

Maiatz published my first book of poetry in November 2012: Chansons d'amour ilargi beterik gabeko gauak(Love songs moonless nights)."

Muxuak, collection of poems. Zortziko, 2018.

Pepito. Biziminaren eta maiteminaren txinparta, biography. Maiatz, 2019.