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Jan Minno Rozendal

Jan Minno Rozendal (1979) was born in Zwaagwesteinde and currently lives in Groningen. He read History in that city. In the summer of 2014, he received some old memoirs that he incorporated into his debut novel, Drift, released in early 2017. His second work, De Fluchste Blanke, was published a year later. Both books are historical novels: the first one is set around 1910, and the second one around World War II. He recently worked on a biography of the poet and Frisian activist Anders Minnes Wybenga (1881–1948), published in September 2018.

Historian and publicist Rozendal intends to work on a biography of Douwe Kalma during his stay in Bitola, Macedonia. As founder of the Jongfryske Mienskip and writer of the essay 'Fryslân and the Wrâld', Kalma gave an enormous boost to the self-awareness and self-esteem of the Frisians more than a hundred years ago. Rozendal wants to write a scientifically sound biography and views his stay in Macedonia as a prelude to this ambitious writing project.