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A literary circuit for small and minority languages in Europe

The Other Words project, put forward by Donostia Kultura and San Sebastian 2016, is a partnership programme between cultural organisations in European regions which  aims to establish a network of creative placements for European writers in small and minority languages.


Its core objectives are:


The key components of the project are:

  1. Placements. Every year, each participation region will send two writers to complete an eight-week placement in two partner regions, and will host two writers from partner regions in return. A total of 10 writers will take part each year.
  2. Literary creation projects. During the placements, writers will focus on issues and social groups connected to lesser used languages, maintaining at all times contact and cooperation with the host community and shedding light on the creative process through a series of public events.
  3. Translations. All the texts created during the placements will be translated into the languages of the partners, and into English. This will enable us to share 'other words' and 'the words of others'.
  4. Website. All resulting works will be published, and the creative process itself will be described on this website, which will provide a platform for dissemination of the project content.