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On the Road with Douwe Kalma
10 readers

Frisian writer / historian Jan Minno Rozendal left for Bitola, Macedonia, in the autumn of 2018. With the works of Douwe Kalma in his backpack, he strolled the city and surrounding area and contemplated on borders and connections, on language and identity, on past, present and future.

Jan Minno Rozendal

2019-02-07 12:40

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The Wedding
15 readers

Ruby’s mother is getting married but Ruby does not feel like it. Her father ran away when she was just a baby. The second husband was an asshole. Why should Ruby trust this third man? And what about her own boyfriend?

At an Irish wedding Karen Bies got inspired to write this story. 

Karen Bies

2019-01-30 11:40

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Wormhole / Self-portrait with (Toxic) bride / Indications
14 readers

Strupena nevesta (Toxic Bride) is the title of the novel that Tomislav Vrečar was writing in Ireland as a guest of Focail Eile in 2017, and Črvina (Wormhole) / Avtoportret s (Strupeno) nevesto (Self-portrait with (Toxic) bride) / Indikacije (Indications) is part of the creation work that was produced and is included in a book published by the Centre for Slovenian Literature. 

Tomislav Vrecar

2019-01-22 18:42

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A Bloom Torn From The Silence
70 readers

'A bloom Torn From The Silence' is the English translation of the creation work that Stefan Markovski produced during his residency in the Basque Country in the summer of 2018.

Stefan Markovski

2019-01-17 17:26

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It Fryske Hynder (en)
13 readers

Aifric Mac Aodha produced this long poem while she was in Ljouwert, Friesland, in the summer of 2018. It was translated into English by David Wheatley.

Aifric Mac Aodha

2019-01-10 13:51

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